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Neeta Maharaj in a #1 Best Selling author, Full-Sensory Breakthrough Coach and OMTimes Magazine Expert on the topics of Purpose Manifestation, Relationships and Intuition Development. Being a believer of dreams and avid truth seeker, her heart-centered mission is to empower people to live a life in flow and fulfilment.

She is known for combining modern day psychological techniques with contemporary spiritual teachings.

Offerings of the heart

3 ways to cultivate your Intuition

I lived most of my life completely unaware of my own sense of power and will, allowing the world to run me over like a ton of bricks. It wasn’t until I started using and cultivating my intuition on a daily basis, that I learnt to empower myself to take control of my life. Why did I not learn this before? Most of us, like me in earlier days, negate this powerful tool that is available to each one of us. Perhaps we don’t know how to use it, grow it, far less access it.

4 questions to help you find your calling

I was sitting in a coffee shop in the bustling city of Toyko years ago, staring out of the window as I contemplated life. Although I was on a vacation, the thought of returning to my corporate job was erking me. “ Is this all there is too life? Is this the absolute best that I can do?,” were questions grazing my mind.


“After my consult with Neeta I had a tremendous breakthrough. I was given an in-depth look at certain patterns and themes running through my life and I left with concrete actions steps to take. The process of applying the knowledge and integrating it into my life was very easy and workable and I’m currently seeing the results of the guidance from Neeta! Now, not only did I take the leap into opening the business that I dreamt off, but I am now in one of the most loving and wonderful relationships ever.
I have recommended Neeta to over 5 people in the span of 3 weeks and counting. She is a true gift and must be experienced! “

Amanda Narain DCHM (Hons)

CEO, APN Holistic Centre, Canada

“I was struggling trying to find my mission in this lifetime. I felt lost and frustrated. I had asked my angels for help to find the right person to guide me and then I met Neeta. During our sessions, she guided me with her wisdom, knowledge and charisma to find my path…my true calling. She also gave me great tools to help me achieve my soul’s purpose and connect with my true self. Now, thanks to Neeta, I am living my dream.Neeta was the light that I was looking for…and so I found the light within myself. My life is coherent now and I am so happy. I highly recommend seeing her to help you heal and transform your life.

Grace Herrera Fernandez

Certified Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Coach, Costa Rica

“I started seeing Neeta at a time when I was hugely frustrated at not moving forward with my business. I had no momentum or enthusiasm and felt scattered and tired. I needed to take my business to the next level and everywhere I turned, doors seemed to be closing. Through working with Neeta, she helped me to develop trust in myself and step into my own personal power. With her guidance, doors started opening, more business investments came my way, my energy levels rose and alot of synchronicities started happening. If you’re looking to discover what your unique, limitless abilities are, please see Neeta. She is my continuous “go to” person for clarity and advice!”

Kevan Sinanan

CEO, Y Fumble ,Trinidad


Breakout of your repetitive struggle and create the life you desire

Do you believe that you deserve a joyful life, but somehow you just can’t seem to make it happen? Maybe you suspect that your subconscious beliefs and repetitive non serving behaviours are keeping you in the same unwanted situations? With FSB coaching Neeta uses her refined intuition, along with core psychological and spiritual tools, to help you understand the root causes of your problems and rewire your energetic field for the life you desire.

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Get crystal clear on your Life purpose and feel empowered to make it happen!

Have you ever dreamt of making an impact in this world using your unique gifts? Do you wish to live a life of more meaning and fulfillment? Have you ever wondered how other people were able to follow their inner calling, make a career change or start their own business and be successful at it? There is clarity and a structure to all of this and that is what you get out of this program.

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feather-1Trust every decision that you make

Do you desire to live a life knowing that every decision you make is the absolute best one?
Intuitive Mastery is about learning to connect with yourself on a deeper level so that you are able to make the best decisions in any given moment- whether it is the prospect of a new job, a new relationship or a new business venture. You’d suddenly find yourself knowing the best thing to do and why!

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The Book

From Headless Chicken to Golden Goose

Change your life form struggle to joy and successfully start your own business.

Do you wish to have a more fulfilling, meaningful yet successful life, doing what comes natural to you? Then this book is meant for you! Through six powerful life change and transformation steps, Bob Voermans and Neeta Maharaj show you how to change your life from a headless chicken, who runs around aimlessly, to the golden goose who lives a life of purpose, meaning and abundance.


“This book is a great step by step guide to get started on a more fulfilling life. It shows you how to discover your strengths and passion and turn it into a successful business ”

Janet Bray-Attwood #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Passion Test” and “Your Hidden Riches”.

“From Headless Chicken to Golden Goose will put you on a powerful path to discover your strengths, passion and purpose. This inspiring and practical book will help you find your unique Golden Egg Business Idea that expresses your deepest inner calling”

Marci Shimoff #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of “Happy for No Reason”, “Love for No Reason”.

“If your life is flat, or you are starting out in life wanting to live a meaningful life for yourself and humanity, I urge you to read this book more than once”

Allan Savory Founder of Holistic Management and President of the Savory Institute.

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