I lived most of my life completely unaware of my own sense of power and will, allowing the world to run me over like a ton of bricks. It wasn’t until I started using and cultivating my intuition on a daily basis, that I learnt to empower myself to take control of my life. Why did I not learn this before? Most of us, like me in earlier days, negate this powerful tool that is available to each one of us. Perhaps we don’t know how to use it, grow it, far less access it.

Intuition is that part of us that has all the answers. It is the wise and unconditional loving voice of the soul. Very often, we’ve buried this part of us because we’re so focused on survival that we forget that we have this built in capacity for guidance. And I’d like to add that EACH one of us has this capacity; it is not a chosen few. My own journey has taught me this.

Once this is acknowledged, along with persistence and consistency of a few key exercises, this beautiful tool can flourish in helping you make decisions to find love, the right business ventures, improve relationships and chose the right career for you.

Relevant exercise that help you to cultivate the intuition include:
1. Removing doubts from the psyche: Very often when chaos arises, our first notion is to call a friend or visit the trusted coach, counsellor or psychic. This may help, but this sends a subconscious signal to our brain that we are incapable of trusting our own wisdom. Therefore, it is crucial that when one feels stuck or in a state of emotional paralysis, to take some time to neutralise the energy and then retreat within for the much needed answers that are there. Remember, unless someone is professional trained, advice can only be given based on one’s perspective and experience.

2. Practice making decisions on the spot: When faced with simple little decisions like what to eat, where to go for dinner or how to spend the day off, practice making a decision in less that 30 seconds. Forget the notion on what others are doing and make it a habit to connect and just make that decision in a short space of time. It does not matter whether the decision turns out to be wrong (unless it’s life threatening) but the point is to grow that ability to trust what is being felt in the moment.

3. Develop a daily practice of going within: We live in a world where there are constant distractions provided through social media, billboard adverts and more. During this time, the mind is fed so much information that its constantly jumping from one thought to another. It’s no wonder that we’ve lost our capacity to connect with our intuition since our brain is cluttered with all the “noise” from outside of our self. Going within can create the space to filter out what is unnecessary so that one can begin to hear what the soul really needs. This can be done through mindfulness practices or developing a meditation routine. It can be said that this may be the most critical practice in cultivating the intuition.

I’ve seen clients who never thought they could access their intuition yet against all odds created by the mind, they’ve grown this faculty through the use of simple and effective exercises. Most have reported that they find much benefit from using it on a daily basis to help them navigate their day. After all… why not? What would happen if we started to use the full capacity of our brain? Would we then have super powers?


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