I was sitting in a coffee shop in the bustling city of Toyko years ago, staring out of the window as I contemplated life. Although I was on a vacation, the thought of returning to my corporate job was erking me. “ Is this all there is too life? Is this the absolute best that I can do?,” were questions grazing my mind.

Don’t get me wrong- for many people, I had the perfect life. I had a successful engineering career in a Fortune 500 company, was making a lot of money and took vacations in exotic and interesting countries. However glamorous it seemed on the outside; on the inside, I felt empty.

I’ve seen too many people drag themselves out of bed, go to work they dislike, tolerate people they cant stand only to return home at the end of the day, drained and tired. There’s a “lifelessness” about them. I know many of you reading this article would feel the same way and have been asking yourself the same question. Many of us are running around achieving goal after goal- more money, a bigger house, but then after that, what happens? You find another goal to chase? You think all of these things will bring you freedom …and whereas to some extent it will, true freedom will remain an illusion.

The truth is, there’s more to life. If we go within, we will begin to see what our soul is really aching for. Although the process can be sometimes a long and confusing one, understanding our self takes time, much like gently peeling the layers of an onion away until the core is reached.

To kick start that process of uncovering your calling, it’s helpful to answer these 4 questions:
• “What activities make me feel more alive and in the flow?”
• “What did I love to do as a child?”
• “ If I had to never worry about money, what job/ profession would I do and why?”
• “ What is holding me back from having my dream profession?”

Some of the answers may not be straightforward and may require deep introspection. Moreover, to sincerely answer these questions, we need to put aside the desires of the ego that limit us, such as the desire of money, fame, recognition, or sense of self worth. A purpose driven life can never be a result of intentions that serve the ego, however, aspects of money, fame and recognition can be the result of living life on purpose.

It’s also important not to over analyze anything. Some people think that their calling has to be something big that changes the world- but it can be simple as being the best chef or being the best at teaching or even painting a house. Remember every single job has the potential to transform lives just by being fully in tune with what you inherently love to do.

I have since left my engineering career, not because I hated it but because I realized what my true potential was. My natural gifts are in helping people grow and nurturing their skills and abilities. My greatest joy comes from watching people transform into being the best possible version of them self…and this joy fuels me with energy that I never had before.

Be inspired to live life with purpose and have the courage to take action to do so. You can never go wrong with living from what your heart tells you to do.


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