About Me

“May I always know and act from truth
May I always be kind and compassionate
May I always serve from my heart
May I always be humble in this journey through
this reality”

Like you, I am merely a servant of life…
a student, learning along the way
and making the best of what comes.

I’ve learnt through my “roller coaster”
of experiences that:
“It is ok”
“This too shall pass”
“Guidance will always be there”

I am not a guru.

Your own inner truth will serve that function.
I’m only experiencing life through the flow of grace and
sharing my own experiences on this journey.

My role is to simply help you dissect, de-clutter and
understand the intricacies of your everyday life from a
psychological, intuitive and real world perspective.

Living from my heart means that I will always have a loving and sincere intention to help you on your journey coupled with a no non-sense approach that will help you see the things that need to change.

I wish you peace throughout your journey of transformation.

All my heart,

Neeta’s Official Short Bio

Neeta Maharaj is a #1 Best Selling Author, an internationally known Full Sensory Breakthrough Coach and OM Times Expert Teacher.

The book she co-authored, “ From Headless Chicken to Golden Goose”quickly rose to a #1 best seller only after 2 weeks of launching on Amazon and received honorary accolades from two New York Times Best Selling Authors.

Neeta has been hailed in the media as the “ woman whose sharp intuition brings clarity in any situation.” Having gone through her own transformation from immense struggle to living life in her full potential, she dedicates herself towards empowering people to reconnect to their inner guidance system and free themselves of pain and suffering.

She is best known for combining modern day psychological techniques with contemporary spiritual teachings i.e. marrying the world of Science and Spirituality.

As a former engineer who worked in the Oil & Gas Sector for 10 years, she feels strongly about incorporating the two functions into each other.

With a current MSc. Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology and being a licensed minister for Full Sensory Perception teachings, she now uses relevant tools from both worlds, to help people move forward. Her techniques involve the use of Cognitive, Gestalt, Behavioral based and traditional psychotherapy along with Neuro Linguistics Programing (NLP).

Her work has been featured in several international magazines and radio talk shows.

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Welcome to the Magnificent life circle!

In this community where we share tips, tools and inspiration to become the best version of ourself.
Let's grow together!

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