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Full sensory Breakthrough coaching is for you if you want

To become more successful and happy in your work or business
To get to know your unique strengths/ gifts and how to effectively use them
To gain clarity around your life purpose
To embrace your intuitive side and use it in a positive and beneficial way
To develop better relationships (with your family, your loved one, your colleague, your friends)
To use proven tools to help you gain clarity about any situation in your life

To generally live a happier and more fulfilling life

What is Full Sensory Breakthrough Coaching ?

In Full Sensory Breakthrough Coaching, Neeta’s helps you to cut straight to the point and identify the root causes of what is holding you back from the life you desire. Many people find themselves in repetitive cycles of struggle and without proper intervention they repeat the same patterns over and over again. Full sensory breakthrough coaching is exactly that vehicle to help you break your destructive patterns and lift your life to a higher level.

In 1-on-1 coaching sessions, she uses her developed 6th sense/ intuition to help you work through a detailed step by step process to create awareness of toxic behaviours, understand your past conditioning, dissociate from the painful stories you’ve been subconsciously repeating to yourself and rewiring your psyche and energetic vibration for manifesting your core desire. FSBC is not about quick fixes or telling you what you want to hear. Each stage of the process is designed to give you the necessary tools to help you progress in a sustainable manner and to help you remember that you are already whole, perfect & complete.

All this process does, is help you to peel the layers away so that you can see that which is already there.

Tools and practices she uses emerges from Psychotherapy, Transpersonal, Behavioural and Cognitive Psychology

Are you ready to be coached by Neeta ?

Mentoring with Neeta is a great opportunity for those who wish
to get more out of life. You will know when you are ready if:

You are absolutely committed to your own development

You are ready to take full accoutability for the things that you’ve
attracted into your life

You are ready to live your life in your highest potential

You are ready to step into the truth of who you are, living your life
with complete authencity and integrity.

You deeply desire change but dont know where or how to start.

The 8 Value Principles of Full Sensory Breaktrough Coaching

Use of both
spiritual and


The combination of tools from both worlds helps for effective and long lasting change. In our current energetic imprint for planet Earth, one cannot exist without the other

self -empowerment


The aim is to give you all the necessary tools you need to take complete charge of your life.

connecting with
inner truth


Emotional turmoil makes us distort actual reality because of our individual perceptions and beliefs. In FSBC Neeta connects to universal truth to help you to find clarity about a situation that needs your thorough understanding.

defining the


The soul has entered this lifetime with defined lessons to be learnt. Looking at the progression of the soul in its evolutionary journey gives an added idea of some of the root causes behind the suffering along with key lessons to be learnt



A step by step approach is used to help you move through pain. FSBC takes you into awareness, understanding, dissociating and reprogramming your psyche. It is not a quick fix method but involves a real examination of toxic behaviours and patterns.

life change and
that last


Because a systematic process is used you create sustainable changes for your life simply by allowing yourself to be taken through the process. The tools that are given to you will inherently help you for the rest of your life.

getting to
the root cause


The only way to totally eradicate any problem is to get to the root causes of it and then deal with it. Root causes typically come from neuro associative conditioning and programming.

honest, to the
point and


FSBC is about having real and honest conversations. You will not hear what you want to hear but will be faced with questions that will challenge and push you to examine your behaviors on deeper levels. And ofcourse, everything we discuss, is held in the STRICTEST of confidentiality

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I started seeing Neeta because I wanted to know why my life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. I was going through a major divorce battle, trying to my find my life’s purpose and at the same time, searching for answers through the spiritual world.

I felt lost and frustrated.From the very first session, she helped me to break down all my issues and see my own role in it. For the first time, after seeing several healers, someone was helping me in a real and pragmatic way.

Because of my sessions with Neeta, I was able to bring clarity and closure to the relationships that were not serving me, and I was also able to discover my true life’s purpose and clear out the clutter of crap that was preventing me from realizing my true potential.

My life is really good now and things come to me very easily. I’ve also grown spiritually and have a regular spiritual practice that keeps me balanced.

I would recommend everyone in the world to see Neeta because she deals with you on an energetic level first then takes that information and puts it into an intellectual, realistic but simple way to find your true authentic self!

Tiffany Lacey
Real Estate Agent transformed into a blissful Pranic Healer Australia

“I was struggling with a relationship that I was in, and desperately needed some guidance. In our wonderful sessions together, Neeta used her intuition to guide me and everything we discussed made total complete sense. She helped me to see things that I was not aware of and in addtion, we made a plan on how I can move past my current fears and work on the things that were preventing me from having a loving and happy relationship.

Neeta has really helped me to understand myself better and my role in relationships. Her guidance has really helped me to make improvements in this area of my life. I am grateful. Anyone who is looking to understand why their relationships don’t work out, then I invite you to see her. She is good at getting you to see your own blind spots!

Katherine Padula
Manager Rainbow Angels, California, USA

I wanted to move forward with my current healing business but wasn’t sure how to do so or what was holding me back. In working with Neeta, she helped me to confront my mission in this life as she helped me to identify and move past the fears and self doubt I was experiencing. She also helped me to restore confidence in myself.

What I also liked about our sessions is that she helped me to brainstorm ideas to move my business forward and she gave me a step by step approach to do this.

Apart from the business, Neeta also helped me to understand the relationship with my children better based on thier different energy. Her tips for strengthening my relationship with my son was very very helpful.

She has defintely given me the confidence and clarity that I needed. In every way, my business is successfully growing and I see the vast potential for myself.

I definitely recoomned others to work with her. Her combination of spirtual and real world techniques really helps those who wish to live from thier heart but have to live in a world where practicality is necessary.

Sachi Matsuoka
Founder and Owner of “ Seeds of Love”, Japan

“Neeta has an unique gift, which I was fortunate to experience at a time when I was in need of help and guidance. Among other things, she the ability to connect intuitively with one’s life experiences and thereby shed light where understanding and clarity is needed. Neeta was one of my first personal experiences in the realms of energy existence and this played an important role in opening me up to these expanded realities which were yet to become my own.”

Jonathan Barcant
Director Vetiver TT & Vice President Global Shapers POS, Trinidad

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