Letters of gratitude from satisfied clients

Please note that some clients have requested that their name be changed for confidentiality reasons. Denoted by *


“My session was for me the first step in beginning the healing process and moving forward in my life following a particularly difficult breakup. My session shed some light on certain events in my childhood and helped me to better understand why I felt and reacted the way I did in certain situations. It has also helped me with managing stress and anxiety and confronting anger and fear.”


“Neeta is gifted with her intuition and can easily see many things that many of us cannot yet see. I enjoyed co- creating a beautiful meditation together with her. Thank you for sharing your love, your gifts and your generousity.”

Nicola Cross,Trinidad

“It is Neeta’s genuine concern and love and the gentleness that emanates from her that immediately put me at ease and allowed me to trust her. I was only able to do one session with her but I would do another in a heartbeat. She tapped into my trauma or needs or energy or whatever you want to call it and her suggestions were spot on and resonated with the way I felt. I immediately felt understood and not alone but also aware that I am the only one who can do the work. Having Neeta in my life makes me feel less afraid.

* Sushma, India

“Dearest Neeta,

Where do I start? I met you at a point in my life when I really needed some guidance and when you delivered a message for me, it was exactly what I needed. I am surprised that you spent so much time with me. It’s as though you sensed that I needed it. I cant say that I expected much, but you gave me more than I could have asked for.
You are a very giving person as you gave of your energy, your time, your possessions. You inspired me in many ways after our session. I am inspired to change my life around and act in the highest favor of myself.
I really was at wits end about what I was doing with my life, but you offered so much insight and wisdom that I feel like everything is clear at this moment. I want to spend some time getting to know myself and thanks to you, I have that strength now. I was always doubting myself and wondering what can I do differently, but I see how I always made the best choice based on my understanding at that point in time.
What you have done for me is open me to be a better and more wise person who can make more wiser decisions. I have respect for the work you do and I know that you will continue to help a lot of people with your kind heart.

May God bless you and return your kind acts a million to you.

*Sasha Marole, Trinidad

“Dear Neeta
It has been a month since you did a session with me. I didn’t know what to expect from our session, but I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me. The experience with you helped me to unravel why i was experiencing the way I felt about an ex partner of mine. I think I mentioned to you that I was torn for years and couldn’t understand why i had this attachment. What came up in the session was painful and emotional but now, having faced this, I can clearly understand why we needed to part ways and how I would be able to move on with my life.
I have been feeling a lot better and I don’t feel as draining as I use to, absorbed in senseless thoughts about “ what if I had done something different”
I can now move on with my life with a feeling of ease. I have a lot more hope and I look forward to a great future. I am focusing my energies now on my important projects, with a knowing that all will happen as it is meant to happen. How do I thank you for your guidance? You are very special to me and I am grateful that you have had this influence on my life.

Heather Rubiales, California, USA

“Dear Neeta,

I have definitely taken away a lot from our session and very much appreciate the time you spent with me. Thank you again, Neeta. You re truly an amazing soul and I am very grateful to have spent time with you.

Yasmin Lopez, FL, USA

“Dear Neeta,

Thank you for such a thorough session. You gave me so much more than I hoped for. You validated for me a lot that I had known before. Sadly, I was in denial to myself about a lot of my shortcomings. What really did it for me was when you connected my childhood to various scenarios that occurred which linked it directly to some of the beliefs that I was walking around with. You have truly helped me in understanding them better.
I’m working on myself everyday. It’s a day by day thing, there are challenges and sometimes it is not easy facing the things that I see, but I know with my avid commitment that I will get there. What you said to me really struck me ” It’s not about getting somewhere but it is enjoying each step, even when the wave tumbles you down…you have to enjoy the process of falling down and getting back up stronger each time”

I know my biggest challenge is letting go and allowing things to happen, but your story was so inspirational to me and gave me the power to know that I can take control of my life. Thank you for helping me to get out of the victim mode! I am so happy that our paths have crossed!

Susan Persad, Trinidad

“All this is straight from the heart. It is not coincidental that I have this opportunity of knowing such a beautiful and powerful soul. We relate to each other on an intimately spiritual level. I feel connected in some way I cannot explain. I am so happy. I trust her and feel so much at ease now. Her positive energies are overwhelming. She is that good soul I could share with, my inner most feelings and problems and she is able to bring me up to par quickly on days I am falling deep into a deep, dark place, and awakens in me the hidden positive qualities and faculties, I have within myself to move out of any negative situation.

She is understanding and has the ability to tap into my reality in a way I cannot yet do. She has the ability to see my inner beauty, my strengths and my weaknesses, finding those important focal points to work on. She is like a bright light and guides me to my highest good.

She has a gift to help others and she is helping me to get back on the right path of thinking and living. I almost look at her as if she is an Angel. She is so good at what she does and she does it naturally and passionately.

Sessions with her has given me the opportunity to open up an ancient light portal and experience the true essence of what it is to be me. Doors have opened of immense light energies and knowledge. Her love for me and healing abilities amazes me.

I am still working with Neeta and she is my coach. I am extremely excited to be in the splendour of my higher self, preparing me, being better equipped to take on the world with firmness and faith.

Thanks Neeta, your acquaintance is like a blessing, rare and so precious. I would forever churn your messages and formulas, inculcating until I am healed completely.

Kayla Wohtrus, NJ, USA

“The healing with Neeta was so incredibly deep! I am grateful for this opportunity. Thank you!!!

Penny, Trinidad

Dear Neeta,
You found me at a time when things we so terrible for me. Not that I didn’t have a job or a place to sleep or a bunch of caring family and friends but at a time when my heart felt it would just shatter to pieces. Having had to leave my home, my husband and my neighbours and my life of 16 years to start over due to my non acceptance of my spouse’s infidelity. What hurt most was my 16 year old son saying to me that he wanted to live with his dad and step brother instead of me. I spent so many sleepless nights trying to understand what I did wrong, where things went wrong and whether the decision was a right one.
After our session which you so graciously offered, I finally found some answers.
Your ability to go back and basically recount what happened made me analyze the situations in a different way from what I thought they were.
I realize it’s not my fault for his actions but I did have a part to play. I cannot change him or the situation but you have given me hope to help myself, realise who I am and more importantly to learn and grow from this experience.
The techniques and tips you offered are being put into practice and as the days go by, I seem to be in a better place. The relationship with my son is better and I understand why he chose his home and I cannot hold that against him. He’s a good child and you helped me to understand things from his perspective. I will always be his mom and will always worry and miss him. I have noticed that he has picked up on things from his dad’s end, which makes me believe that he now kind of understands why I chose to end the marriage. With your assurance, I feel confident that he will be okay.
Your insight and gift is so amazing that it literally left me spellbound. May you continue to help others as you have assisted me and given me a sign of hope that I can and have the power to leave the negativity feelings behind and bring positivity and vitality to my existence here on this wonderful planet. Thank you and God bless”.

Agard R, Trinidad

“Neeta truly has a gift and can meet people and immediately know what is going on with them. In my first encounter with her, she was able to see alot of things going on with me that no one really knew.
She has since been able to give great advice and guidance on how to heal and cut negative repetive cycles that I was indulging in.
When she met my wife, she immediately knew my wife’s personality and was able to give us guidance on how to heal our marriage.”

Dinette Marsan, Trinidad

“Dear Neeta,
Thank you for all your l guidance, your understanding, offering, compassion, teaching, caring and showing me the way.
I appreciate your honesty and direction. You definitely have a gift and a healing sense of truth about you.

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