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Breakout of your repetitive struggle and create the life you desire

Do you believe that you deserve a joyful life, but somehow you just can’t seem to make it happen? Maybe you suspect that your subconscious beliefs and repetitive non serving behaviours are keeping you in the same unwanted situations? With FSB coaching Neeta uses her 6th sense to connect with the unified field, along with core psychological and spiritual tools, to help you understand the root auses of your problems and rewire your energetic field for the life you desire.

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feather-1Trust every decision that you make

Do you desire to live a life knowing that every decision you make is the absolute best one?
Intuitive Mastery is about learning to connect with yourself on a deeper level so that you are able to make the best decisions in any given moment- whether it is the prospect of a new job, a new relationship or a new business venture. You’d suddenly find yourself knowing the best thing to do and why!

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Get crystal clear on your Life purpose and feel empowered to make it happen!

Have you ever dreamt of making an impact in this world using your unique gifts? Do you wish to live a life of more meaning and fulfillment. Have you ever wondered how other people where able to follow their inner calling, make a career change or start their own business and be successful at it. There is clarity and a structure to all of this and that is what you get out of this program.

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“Neeta is a light and has an amazing capacity for real guidance. She beautifully articulates you to yourself and gives the gift of wisdom and love for you to make profound changes in your own life. Since seeing Neeta once, my life trajectory has made leaps and bounds. Through using the techniques she taught me, I am empowered in my life. I am very grateful for Neeta”

Joseph Wyatt, L.A, USA

Live Appearances with Neeta Maharaj


As an expert for OM Times, Neeta does FREE live Facebook feeds on topics such as Intuition
Development, Finding your Purpose & Manifestation. This is a great chance to interact with Neeta
and ask her questions that you feel are pertinent for your development.
Her schedule can be found below:

Location Date Time Price
Online / OM times Webinar 10-01-2017 10.30am EST/5.30pm CEST FREE Sign Up
Online / OM times Webinar 17-01-2017 10.30am EST/5.30pm CEST FREE Sign Up
Online / OM times Webinar 24-01-2017 10.30am EST/5.30pm CEST FREE Sign Up
Online / OM times Webinar 31-01-2017 10.30am EST/5.30pm CEST FREE Sign Up

“I met Neeta in the beginning of my search for really understanding myself. When getting in touch with her I felt her positive charisma immediately. She could see and feel things that were true, that she could not have known otherwise. I really appreciated the deep and honest session. It helped me a lot to understand myself better. Thank you so much!!!”

Rebea Pfeffer, Germany

The Book

From Headless Chicken to Golden Goose

Change your life form struggle to joy and successfully start your own business.

Do you wish to have a more fulfilling, meaningful yet successful life, doing what comes natural to you? Then this book is meant for you! Through six powerful life change and transformation steps, Bob Voermans and Neeta Maharaj show you how to change your life from a headless chicken, who runs around aimlessly, to the golden goose who lives a life of purpose, meaning and abundance.

“Meeting Neeta was a synchronistic moment in my life. Through her intuition, she has given me wonderful insights into my childhood, which has allowed me to understand my conflicting emotions. Our inner child therapy really helped to relieve some blocks that were preventing me from moving forward in life. I also learnt a new approach to meditation that has been a useful adjunct to me daily practice. Neeta with her boundless joy of life is a delightful person to be with and for this I give thanks.”

David Van Harris, United Kingdom

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